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Research Process Paper: Baseball ERAAs per the specifications of this first assignment the members of Team A have collaborated to identify a research problem using the Major League Baseball data sets provided in the University of Phoenix eResource page. The purpose of this paper is for Team A to: 1) explain the purpose of the research by describing the selected research problem and explaining why the research problem is important, 2) provide a problem definition that explains what question will be answered by the research, and 3) provide a research hypothesis that will include: identifying three possible outcomes that can result from the research, identifying the variables to be tested and, defining the level of measurement and the measurement scale for each variable. The final section of this paper will include a brief discussion of the remaining steps in the research process the team will follow to complete two subsequent papers leading up to a conclusions memo and a final research project PowerPoint presentation that will illustrate the complete research project.

Purpose of the ResearchAccording to Futrelle, D. (2003)… Baseball has long been surrounded by armies of statisticians; therefore, Major League Baseball keeps stats in many different categories. Baseball stats can range anywhere from batting averages to on base percentage to slugging percentage. One area that is important for teams to track of is a pitcher's ERA (Cosgrove, E., 1999). ERA stands for earned run average and is a average amount of runs a pitcher gives up for every nine innings pitched (Cosgrove, E., 1999). Earned runs are only the runs that the pitcher gives up and are different from unearned runs. Unearned runs are runs that the pitcher is not directly responsible for. Examples of unearned runs are runs given up by fielding errors or runs that scored that...