Research Proposal on Dog and Cat meat eating in Korea and China.

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1.0 Introduction

What's for lunch? Fish and chips? Chicken rice? What about stew dog meat and "liquid cat"? Yes, it has been sometime that dogs and cats are consumed in several Asian countries. Long time ago, dog and cat meat dealing were a cottage industry. Nowadays, the popularity of dog and cat meat consumption is increasing rapidly in Korea and China. The people are taking advantage of these poor animals by torturing them, and take their meat as food. However, some Asia countries such as the Philippines and Taiwan had banned this cruel practice.

When people heard about dogs and cats meat eating, it creates anger and also sympathies especially among the animal lovers.

The purpose of this research is to find out the reason of dogs and cats abuse, and the consequences. Besides that, it also to express my passion towards animals especially dogs and cats.

2.0 Background

Animal abuse is an act when the animal is being mistreated, either physically or mentally, or both.

It is evident that cats and dogs had been abused since a very long time ago. This matter has become more severe nowadays, where these cat and dogs were brutally abused, tortured, and then were killed to be served up on the dining table.

In South Korea and China, it is common to eat dogs and cats. "Every day thousands of cats are transported to Guangdong province in southern China."(Jane Macartney, 2006) These cute creatures are not destined to be a pampered pet of the consumers, but to be slaughtered for food. What is worse is that the killing of the dogs and cats is not done in a humane way. The methods of killing are egregious. Dogs are killed to be cooked into stews, and also soups. It's believed that dog meat could...