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Conformity has become very relevant in this field of psychology. There have been studies of Conformity involving Gender Issues. Previous research done on conformity has showed how women were more likely to conform in a situation then men (Eagly and Chrvala, 1986). In this study it was said that older women had more of a tendency to conform then older men. This study also showed that younger women didn?t conform to a situation more then younger man. There was no real gap between the two.

In a different study done at Purdue University, with introductory psychology students, the same results came out (Pettijohn 79, 2001). Students completed two questionnaires within a three week period. In the questionnaires, the students answered opinionated questions pertaining to campus issues. They were then put in groups where they each read each others opinions. They were then given another questionnaire with similar questions as the first one given.

After analyzing the study, it was shown that the only at an older age, were men less likely to conform then women in a situation where they were in the surveillance of others (Pettijohn 82, 2001).

In this present study, I would like to see if women were more likely to conform then men when given an easy problem to solve, first in a secluded area, where they would give an answer, and then they would be asked the same question in a room full of people who were given the same question. In this first part of the study, the women would be placed in a room which mainly consisted of men. In part two of the study, the women would be asked another simple question, in a secluded area, and then they would be a placed in a room which mainly consisted of women...