Research Qualitative and Quantitative

Essay by DonelleCagle October 2014

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The Research Process

Donelle Lynn Cagle


July 21, 2014

University of Phoenix

Paige Gordier


Research provides a chance to define a subject on a whole different, more effective, and understanding manner. In order to provide a confident conclusion, the researcher needs to be confident while conducting the research. When the researcher understands the process and terms used for research, the conclusion has becomes more effective, leading to stronger possibilities for the community.

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Qualitative research is when, "concepts are viewed as sensitizing ideas or terms that enhance our understanding" (Hagan,2006). When the researcher is researching to understand the why in a subject, qualitative research is most adequate due to the processes used in qualitative research. The research could begin with in-depth interviews with persons who have or dealt with a type of illness or been in the situation, research documentaries on the subject, through observation on targeted groups, or images.

The research will bring a more detailed description on the subject and again explain more on the why on the subject matter. When the researcher uses quantitative research at the conclusion of the research, the statistics could explain further on the matter.

Quantitative research is when, "concepts are assigned numerical value", which includes; statistics, models and figures, and classifying the information found in the research by numerical value. The hypothesis is typically more focused on the numbers, and is straight to the point of the reason why and what the research is on. The researcher would use measurements, questionnaires, and surveys to assist in retrieving the information needed to come up with the statistics which assist to create the models and figures. The objective is to seek measurements and to analyze the target groups to answer the...