Research results relating to women's participation in sport and media coverage of women's sport

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women's participation in sport

• Fewer women are involved in regular physical activity and sport than men. Estimated percentage of Austral ians, 14 years and over, who participate in organised sport:

Male 24% Female 16%

• Among registered sports participants, women are out numbered by men by more than 3 to 1. Of 6.5 million registered participants in sport in Australia in 1990, 1.5 million were female. Percentage of total sports participants (1990):

Male 77% Female 23%

• More girls drop out of sport than boys and at an earlier age. By their early twenties the participation rate of males is nearly double that of females. The approxi mate percentages of males and females who play organised sport are:

47% of males aged 14-19 years 37% of females aged 14-19 years 33% of males aged 20-24 years 18% of females aged 20-24 years

• The number of women in coaching, administration and officiating positions is lower than that of men in such positions.

The imbalance increases with the level of decision making. These figures are from the Austral ian Institute of Sport and the Australian Sports Commission.

media coverage of women's sport


• Only about 2.5% of total sports reporting space is devoted to women's sport. This trend has not changed significantly in eight years.

Even in space devoted to reporting all sports results, women's sport only occupies 8% of the total. • Photographs of men playing sports outnumber those of women playing sports by roughly twelve to one.


• In a survey of television sports coverage, averaged across six major channels, women's sport occupied 1.3% of the total sport time.

Sports journalists

• Out of twenty-six major metropolitan newspapers across all States there is not a single female Sports Editor.

• Out of twenty-one metropolitan television...