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The Importance of Play in Children's Development

Everything starts in the childhood. During this period of life many habits are being formed. Childhood has an effect on the life of every person. It lays the foundation for development. Bad or miserable childhood can have a great impact on the formation of a kind of a person a child will be, as well as good childhood. Happy childhood is impossible without play as it is essential in the life of every child. Through play children discover the world and many things around. Play teaches children to communicate, to do different things, and even to live. It is play that prepares children for future life as actually life is always some kind of a play, and to be prepared for life it is important to understand the rules. Playing plays a major part in the development of a child, and because of the fact that nowadays many children loose skills for playing, it is important to create a good environment for their play, and adults should be involved and help their children a little bit, leading but not pushing them.

Play is something that children do most of the time. It is their major occupation, their main pastime. Thinking about small children, it is the first thing that comes to our mind. We always try to find interesting games to entertain a child if we know that we will communicate with a small person. "It seems impossible to think about childhood or young children without also thinking about play. Play and playing are vital parts of children's lives" ("Better Kid Care", par. 17 ). The fact that playing has such a big role in the life of children is quite understandable as through play children learn how to act with others, they...