The Resemblance -- A Poem about the Holocaust

Essay by Muskateer06Junior High, 8th gradeA+, December 2004

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Walking through the blood-stained streets

I mournfully look to the right

"Mother, oh mother!" I cry

The resemblance is there -

But it is not my mother.

I knew it could not be true

They said she was dead -

That she would never come back.

Now I am destined to

Spend my days seeing

A resemblance of those not there.

This poem was written for an assignment for my Junior High English class. It is written from the view point of a young child, growing up during the Holocaust that loses his/her mother. I feel this is significant because it portrays the confusion and anger that some child might have felt if this had happened to them during this time period. The confusion, fear, inability to recognize what had really happened I feel is an accurate portrayal of it all. This won first place in the Holocaust contest in Washington DC.