Reservation System - A necessary Evil? It is about the reservation system prevalant in India

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"It (the government) will immediately initiate a national dialogue with all political parties, industry and other organizations to see how best the private sector can fulfill the aspirations of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe youth", says the Common Minimum Programme (CMP). The recent suggestion made by the ruling party to create reservations in the private sector has stirred a hornet's nest. Campaigners and believers of equality as well as the supposed to be oppressed people are delighted by the current development. Many are of the view that the Indian democracy cannot afford disparity and needs unbiased growth in all sections of the society. Already, job reservations for backward castes exist in the government sector. As the public sector units are not generating sufficient employment opportunities for the growing number of unemployed oppressed people, the government is forced to look at other options to create employment opportunities for them. But this is the first time there has been talk of extending the quotas to the private sector.

The proposal has been met with stiff opposition from Indian industry, which feels if implemented; it will render domestic industry globally non-competitive. Those who are opposed to this idea believe that this will hamper India's growing corporate efficiency. As the private sector recruits on the basis of merit and not on caste or creed, these reservations will be a big blow to the corporate world in India which is in its infancy with respect to the global scenario.

One can easily notice flaws and contradictions existing in the current reservation system. These grave errors are becoming more and more apparent with each passing day. These reservations have been modified and re-modified repeatedly to suit the bias and prejudices of those who are at the helm of these affairs. Many political parties lure the illiterate...