Resident Evil

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Characters Alice, Rain, Matt, Spence, Kaplan, One and the Red Queen are the main Characters.

Alice can?t remember much more then her name for a lot of the movie but starts to remember that she was sent to the hive to steel the T-Virus and give it to Matt?s sister to give to the press so it would put and end to the Umbrella Corp.

Rain, Kaplan and One are part of a combat team that rescue Matt and Alice. They all basically have the same personalities, very serious and always on the lookout.

Matt posed as a cop but only so he could get into the Hive and hopefully find his sister. He ends up falling for Alice.

The Red Queen is an Artificial Intelligent computer program that is the Hives defense. It has a holograph picture that is shown during the movie. The image is of the programmer?s daughter.

Spence was a good guy through most of the movie but at the end when he remembers what he was trying to do in the first place which was steel the T-virus and sell it he turns bad and tries to kill the rest of them but to his surprise has an unfortunate encounter with a licker.

Resident Evil The movie starts off with Alice waking up lying in her shower dazed and confused about what just happened to her. She starts walking around her mansion when a man comes out of no-where and drags her to the ground. At that same moment a team wearing all black come in through her windows and take them away.

The team, Alice and Matt go onto a train and head to a place called the hive. On the way they find someone else on board with the same problem as Alice which is loss of memory. One explains to them why they are going it was because The Red Queen set off its defense system killing many people and they want to see if they can find anyone alive and why this happened.

When they arrived at the Hive everything was quite and still. Rooms were full of water from sprinklers on the ceilings and bodies were floating in them. When they get to a certain point Rain, and Matt stay back while the rest go to the room where the entrance to the Red Queen is. One goes down the hallway but the defenses are set again and a laser cuts him into little pieces. Finally they get past the defense and shut down the Red Queen.

When the 2 groups rejoin they meet another person, only this person isn?t living it was a zombie it attacks them but they have no trouble killing it. The one zombie was no problem but after killing it about 30 more came.

They tried killing them for a but nothing they did worked. Their only choice was the turn the Red Queen back on. The Red Queen told them they had to break their neck or shoot them in the head to kill them.

While they were hiding in a room trying to think of a plan Alice just had to go walking around by herself. She found some dogs only they weren?t that friendly, they were zombie dogs without skin. She didn?t have much trouble killing them though.

On the way out Spence?s memory comes back and he remembers he is a bad guy so he locks them in a room and heads for the train. When he gets to the train there is a creature called licker there, the licker has no eyes but a brain sticking out of its head and giant claws. It tairs him apart and that?s all the rest of the crew finds when they get back to the train.

The last exciting fight scene is when they are leaving the Hive on the train and the licker is on the outside but cuts through the mettle with its claws. He doesn?t make it far cause when he stands over a door in the floor Rain hits a button and he drops out.