Resident Evil

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Characters Alice, Rain, Matt, Spence, Kaplan, One and the Red Queen are the main Characters.

Alice can?t remember much more then her name for a lot of the movie but starts to remember that she was sent to the hive to steel the T-Virus and give it to Matt?s sister to give to the press so it would put and end to the Umbrella Corp.

Rain, Kaplan and One are part of a combat team that rescue Matt and Alice. They all basically have the same personalities, very serious and always on the lookout.

Matt posed as a cop but only so he could get into the Hive and hopefully find his sister. He ends up falling for Alice.

The Red Queen is an Artificial Intelligent computer program that is the Hives defense. It has a holograph picture that is shown during the movie. The image is of the programmer?s daughter.

Spence was a good guy through most of the movie but at the end when he remembers what he was trying to do in the first place which was steel the T-virus and sell it he turns bad and tries to kill the rest of them but to his surprise has an unfortunate encounter with a licker.

Resident Evil The movie starts off with Alice waking up lying in her shower dazed and confused about what just happened to her. She starts walking around her mansion when a man comes out of no-where and drags her to the ground. At that same moment a team wearing all black come in through her windows and take them away.

The team, Alice and Matt go onto a train and head to a place called the hive. On the way they find someone else on board with the same problem as Alice...