About Resiliency

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About Resiliency

Do you believe that there are hundreds and thousands of problems you may have in a day. It means you will have many troubles every minute. You may feel stressful about your studying, your job, or your family. You may have troubles in accomplishing your work. You may also are not able to deal with the difficulties of your interpersonal relationship. For some people, it is oppressive to get through these difficulties, but some people can handle them very well. The causes of this resiliency are that they have good guiders and their good attitudes and rich experiences.

For people who are resilience, their partners can be good guiders. Partners are their emotional sustenance. They are good listeners and they can mollify your bad feelings. They are harbors for you to have a rest. Those people's parents can be good guiders. Parents are always the faithful guardians.

Parents are experienced and they can give you good advises. Resilience people also have good friends to talk with. Friends have common topics and they can talk with each other without reserve. Friends can tell you their opinions and tell you their suggestions. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Good guiders like partners, parents, and friends are willing to help you get through the difficulties.

There is another important reason that why some people are resilience when they are in troubles, that is they have good attitudes. Once you had troubles, you cannot think about escaping. Escaping cannot solve the problem. Some people are negative and when they have troubles, they will feel depressed and will not do anything to solve it. It will cause a vicious spiral and get you in a bigger trouble. For people who are resilience, they think it is a piece of cake to...