Resistance to Change.

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Executive Summary.

Change seems to be a simple process, but for many companies trying to implement a change, it can be extremely challenging. All companies must change to keep up with the world around them. For these companies, it is suggested that they hire a change management team to help with the transition.

It is important to remember that the 'go-live' phase of change is not the time to do change management. It is doubtful that the project will be successful if change management is not present at the outset of the change. The lack of shared vision leads to disillusionment because change can be difficult for some.

There are four stages of change: discovery, denial, resistance, and acceptance. Not everyone will go through all of the four stages. Some people will never reach the acceptance stage. So, which is a bigger problem- change or resistance to change? Both cause an organization conflicts.

This paper points out that if managed cleverly, change does not always have to be so terrifying. Resistance is natural and normal and is just an employees' survival mechanism. Those who are resisting the change should demand answers to their concerns about the proposed change. Management must answer many questions before considering change. This paper provides four of the most important questions that should be answered.

Cultures in an organization can change in many ways. Left alone, a company will either adapt to the change and thrive or fail and decease. Managers are urged not to pretend that everything is okay with all employees when a change is in place. Success is more a matter of great leadership rather than management skills.

Resistance to Change.

Change seems to be a simple process. Well, it's simple to describe. Change is about replacing the old with the...