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Located in Grimes Co. the topographic map indicates that this site will be at an altitude of 185ft, with hardly any variation within a vast vicinity. It is close to flat for a radius of 30+miles. Artesian Well, being closest point to the construction site, is located approximately 25miles east of our desired spot. There are also two water ways, Gibbons Creek and an unnamed river, neither which will have impact on the actual site. However these water features may pose a substantial problem in accessing the site. North of the site the is a slight elevation to 200ft, east there is a roadway about 100mi away, south the land remains flat and unchanged, and west there is river approximately 23 miles away.

There are two routes from which this site is currently accessible. Both come from the east, beginning near the intersection of Gibbons Creek and the highway.

They stay on the same track for the first twenty-five miles until they split, one goes north about 30mil north to a higher elevation and then back down, while the other remains on the direct route. The direct route is approximately 113mils, experiencing a slight elevation drop of 5ft, giving a percent grade of .044ft/mil.

The closest water source is Artisain Well, 25mil east. Also there is an existing lake within 50mil of the site. There is also a river, with scattered oxbows, about 30mil west with runoff to the south. Gibbons Creek is also in the far vicinity. Located 50mil south, Gibbons runoff it to the southwest.

Nearest land usage is a pipeline, however it is over 100mil away, and will ultimately have no effect on our selected site. Besides that, the only recommendation I would have is to inspect the river west of the site. Flooding and future river erosion might pose a problem.