A resource kit following the anayltical framework of Kress and Van Leeuwen's grammar of visual design.

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Assignment 5.1

Students will create a resource kit for teaching/learning about visual images in a particular KLA for a nominated year level. The analytical framework will be based on Kress and Van Leeuwen's Grammar of visual design. The kit will teach school students to identify the context and type of image that is included in the kit. These students will learn to identify relevant aspects of representational, interactive and compositional meanings of an image. Students will also be engaged in a critical literacy reading of the image that will assist them to identify the ideology/discourses informing the image and to consider how the image might be otherwise represented.

The kit will contain:

Student resource/s based on a KLA relevant image. This will be a study guide or learning module that students can work through independently. It will teach students how to analyse an image using framework and it will also give students some practice in applying their new knowledge (eg self tests, puzzles or any other interactive activities).

The language will be written directly to students so it will have to include clear instructions and explanations of the content you are delivering and of the tasks they are to do during the module.

A teacher's guide that explains the purpose and key components of this particular student resource. The teachers' notes will outline how Kress and an Leeuwen's grammar of visual design might be used in this KLA. The teachers' guide might be include suggestions for extension work that might include a sample written analysis of a visual image. The teachers' guide should be approximately 1000 words in length.

Year 9 Elective Dance.

Observe the above picture.


Join the dots which

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