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Resources are very important to the completion of a project. The scheduling of these resources determines the efficiency of the project. Resources can consist of People, equipment, machines, tools, facilities, and space. The first reason that it is important to schedule resource is to make sure that if you have more than one project going you're not using a resource on another project when the resource is supposed to be on this project. So the scheduling of resources allows you to know when and where all resources are at all times. Also helps you to complete jobs efficiently. A second reason that scheduling resources is important is that when the resources are scheduled it will allow the project manager to know that if a resource is unavailable when that resource will be available for use. When you outsource a project or part of a project, you are enlisting the services of an independent contractor (IC).

The services available from ICs are numerous and varied. You might need someone to do some writing, some web design, a bit of software programming, research, develop a layout concept for your new brochure, or just about any other task imaginable. Instead of heaping another responsibility on the shoulders of your already-stressed-out staff or hiring another person that you will have to find work for during the next slow down, you can look for help from the outside.

Pay for only what you need. In most businesses the amount of work comes in cycles. It is a familiar drill to us all--one month everybody at the company seems to have more work than they can handle, the next month, they're searching for things to do. One of the wonderful things about outsourcing is that you never have to find things to keep an IC busy,