Resourcing Recruiting Selection Report

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Resourcing Recruiting Selection Report

1.0 Executive Summary

Employee Benefits Administrators (EBA) will provide benefits administration outsourcing for small to medium sized companies. The office, located in Raffles Place, Singapore, opened for business on June 27, 1987. The trend today for many employers is to outsource any function within their business that is not directly related to the generation of income. Consequently the Human Resources Administration function is one of the first to be considered for it has no direct link to bringing revenue across the threshold.

Outsourcing is a proactive approach that can improve productivity as well as reduce costs. Employee Benefits Administrators' goal is to provide high quality benefits administration and customer service, allowing its clients to focus on their core competencies and other strategic initiatives. At the inception of the business, EBA will target clients with ten to five hundred employees. EBA will market its services through business associates, insurance brokers, local businesses, and professional associations.

1.1 Mission

Employee Benefits Administrators (EBA) provides high quality benefits administration and customer service for small to medium sized companies, allowing them to focus on their strategic initiatives.

1.2 Human Resource Philosophy

EBA strongly believe that the prosperity of our business depends on successfully developing an integrated, global community of motivated and innovative employees. We are committed to hiring, developing and retaining the most talented people in the world. Therefore, Strategic Human Resources activities are aligned with our mission.

In order to achieve a committed pool of talent at EBA, we hire and/or promote only those with suitable qualifications to perform the job. Avoid selecting or rejecting on any other basis. EBA utilize the full potential of each individual employee, and thereby encourage their full involvement and commitment to our goals. EBA avoid creating employee expectations, which are at variance with reality,