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When building a house one needs certain materials, a plan for construction and the knowledge of how to build and this is essentially how a person builds personal self respect; first, with a foundation, basic framework and then the finishing touches. Each board or nail an experience or lesson. There are three basic needs or steps for people to possess in order to have a healthy self-respect level, and they are the basic necessities, love, and a sense of self-identity.

First of all, if a person doesn't have the basic necessities for sustaining life, they may find it hard to maintain a healthy level of self-respect. Having an adequate amount of food and water in essential for self-respect. If a person doesn't have enough food to satisfy their basic need, they will not be able to concentrate on anything else until this need is fulfilled. For example, a student who doesn't eat breakfast before attending classes will not be able to work up to their personal ability level; whereas, a student that has not eaten in three days will not be able to concentrate at all.

The next essential is shelter. Having a sufficient shelter to protect one for the elements is important. Shelter gives one a sense of protection and place to belong. Last of all, clothing is a fundamental need. Therefore, a person who doesn't have the proper clothing maybe be ostracized, and this would lower self-respect. Not having proper clothing also opens up a person to illness or could even cause death. Consequently, not having these basic necessities could leave a person at the survival level, and they may not be able to think about such things as self-worth or self-respect. Having access to the necessities of life are essential to building self-respect.

Secondly, a person...