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Unit 11: Physiology of Human Body Systems

Assignment Two

Investigation into the effect of exercise on heart-rate and blood pressure.

Prediction - As I exercise my blood pressure and heart rate will increase, when I stop exercising these will decrease. We can use independent and dependent variables with this experiment. The independent variable will link directly to the dependent variable. The blood pressure and heart rate before/after the exercise is known as the independent variable because it's a change in movement. Dependent variable is the measure of the blood pressure and heart-rate.

Controlled variable - With the controlled variable there are some things to take into account. How long will the exercise last, the type of exercise and the temperature?

For my exercise I walked for at least 2 minutes, which included me walking through a corridor and up and down flights of stairs. The temperature was measured using a thermometer and it was 24oC.

Repeats - To be able to make sure that the results are reliable I had repeated the exercise and rest 3 times, had 3 other students results, a table to show this data with the mean figures, this can then reduce the effect of abnormalities.

Hazard - As you exercise you'll notice more frequent muscle contraction, raised body temperature and pulse, and deeper breathing. If your body is not used to regular exercise this can put a strain on the heart and not enough oxygen is supplied to meet the requirements of the muscle cells for aerobic respiration. To make sure you avoid these hazards its best to not over push yourself while exercising, don't do more than what your capable of, if you find yourself struggling at any moment stop and relax to gain your strength and breath back to normal rhythm.

Results Table...