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Modern thought is the latest stage of opening of people's minds to "What". Culture has gone through various stages of opening up to new possibilities. From primitive, to archaic, to historic and now to modern our scope of possibility has continually widened. Now that we are open to all possibilities, what is the next step? Modern thought challenges Christianity in several arenas. These main arenas are intellectual, autonomousitity, and the tentative of knowledge. Christian thought has responded in a variety of ways, none of them really seem to answer the questions with any convincingly and leave Christianity to be seen as invalid. However, I believe that Christianity can stand up to each and every challenge.

The first challenge is made to intellectuals, which say that Christianity has no scientific credibility and even from a literary stand point, it is not what is proposes to be. This is not the case.

One huge argument is that science has eliminated the need for God by giving us the Big Bang theory to account for the universe and the theory of evolution for the origin of life. To begin with, the Big Bang theory is a very good theory, the best we have so far as to explain specifically on how the universe was formed. However this theory does not exclude God, on the contrary it needs God to get started. There had to be something to create that intense singularity with all of the necessary energy and someone to craft the laws of physics. Steven Hawking in his book, A Brief History of Time says that the laws of physics and general relativity break down as one approaches the Big Bang singularity. He also notes that there had to be someone to create the singularity. The Big Bang model can also be...