Response to AOL contraversy article "American Online, while you can" by Bob Woods

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The article 'America Online, while you can' by Bob Woods is all about the hoopla concerning the fact that America Online, or AOL, has not been able to accommodate its vast amount of customers. This is due to AOL's new flat rate, which substituted their original hourly deal. Many AOL users experience busy signals when trying to log on. When and if they do get on AOL, the service runs extremely slow because of the overload of users. Woods threatens that AOL will lose many of their customers if they don't improve their resources. Other companies should beef-up their advertising and try to cash in by targeting the unsatisfied AOL users.

In this day and age of internet use, people in any given location can choose from at least fifteen national companies, such as sprintlink, compuserve, ameritech, erols and so on. Using these services are less expensive than America Online.

Per month for unlimited use they average at around $10 to $15 dollars as opposed to AOL's hefty $19.95 a month. AOLers are paying for the appealing menus, graphics and services AOL uses to drive their customers to the internet. These same features can be located anywhere else on the net with the aid of any search device, such as infoseek, yahoo, microsoft network or web- crawler. These sites are no harder to use and they provide lots of helpful menus and information.

In Wood's article, he states that he lives in Chicago, and AOL has several different access numbers to try if one is busy. He writes that often when he has tried to log on using all of the available numbers, and has still been unsuccessful. This is a problem for him because he is dependent on AOL to 'do the daily grind of (his) job...