Response To Charles Dickens' Character Steven Blackpool From The Novel Hard Times.

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By: Lee A. Zito

Steven Blackpool's role in Hard Times was critical, because he represented the working class of the Victorian Era during a Industrialization. He was portrayed just like a common worker was during this time. He was shown no mercy as Bounderby continuously judged him by his class rather than personality. He was pitied by Louisa who gave him money, because she could afford it. But to his own class he was a normal human being who wanted worker's rights and wanted the right to love Rachel. He could only be seen how he truly was by his own class, because the other classes, mainly high class, did not see him. All they saw was a man who was less fortunate than they were.

Steven Blackpool was a hero in Charles Dicken's novel Hard Times. He stood up to Bounderby, a capitalist, high class, pig, but paid the price with his life.

He fought for change, only those who are repressed to death can make a change. Dicken's used Blackpool's character to show the readers there needs to be changes, better laws, justice for the lower classes and workers. Steven Blackpool symbolically portrays the struggle for workers rights.