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Crazy Bull Chief.

Listening to a chief of a nation was a new experience for me. Crazy Bull, a chief of about 10,000 Lakotas, taught a lot about his culture and ways of knowing through his experience as an American Native during the times of imperialism from the EuroAmericans. His experience throughout his life and culture was very different from my own and it was very interesting to listen to his story and his way of life. He brought a lot of new knowledge to the audience and expressed a lot of his own thoughts and beliefs.

Crazy Bull started his thoughts by explaining his culture. He believes that instead of "walking into two worlds" when we are born, that we walk into one world. He believes that its not how you are and act but how we get along that makes a difference. He was grown up knowing that he was thought as the "other".

His people were controlled by the Whiteman and were treated differently from them in his time. Natives were imprisoned because of sacred ceremonies within their culture such as their smokehouses and Raindances. Crazy Bull believes that we are all taught to be discriminative, however, "we all bleed red". He said that the way of life is not black, or white, or brown. We are all the same and we are all related.

The chief also spoke about Sundances that they hold which is one of their sacred ceremonies. It is to give back to the earth. Crazy Bull said that we as humans are always taking and always wanting, and their culture believes that we have to learn to give back because we come into this earth with nothing. However, his cultural belief is that we will leave with something and...