Response to the first page of "A Doll's House" by Ibsen.

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In the first page of the play, "A Doll's House" by Ibsen, four characters are introduced: Nora, Helmer who is Nora's husband, the porter and Helen. Up to this point in the story, it is Christmas time and Nora comes home after buying a Christmas tree. Then she checks if her husband is there, and also he hears her. Next, the tone is warm and soft because of the connotations, choice of diction and the soft tones of the words used, for example, "A room furnished comfortably and tastefully, but not extravagantly." In turn, the tone helps create a comfortable mood. In addition, the author achieves to reveal characters, create mood, reveal relationships, give background information, and create suspense.

To begin with, Ibsen reveals the characters of Nora and Helmer. Nora is shown to be very carefree because she, "is humming a tone and in high spirits."

Helmer is affectionate because he shows his love for his wife by endearingly comparing her to a lark. Secondly, the abundant sensory imagery in the first page helps the reader picture the scene very well and feel as if they were there. And it also helps create the Christmas time mood of comfort, warmth, and love. Thirdly, Helmer uses a metaphor to lovingly compare his wife to his, "little [twittering] lark," shows that their relationship is filled with love and humour. Furthermore, background information is given because their currency is in shillings. It might be that they are European immigrants in Africa, because their names are European and shillings are presently the currency in Africa. Or perhaps the setting is in the 1800's because shillings were the currency in most of Europe then. In addition, suspense is created because the reader wonders if the kids will see...