Response Journal: Discuss the ending of the novel. Do you find it satisfying? ‎How would you have changed it?‎(Frankenstein/Mary Shelly)

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I did not find the ending of "Frankenstein" satisfying because there was no ‎confrontation between the monster and his creator, we didn't know what is going ‎to happen with the monster, and Victor just died... After reading a book that is ‎filled with action and shocking events and many deaths and murders you expect a ‎shocking and exciting ending that will astonish and satisfy the reader but I didn't ‎find this ending in "Frankenstein". ‎

At the end the reader was expecting many things to be explained or to come ‎to an end in a way or another. One of the things that really surprised me and that I ‎didn't understand was why Victor gave a speech to all the sailors to keep on going ‎with their journey when he told Robert his story in the first place to drive him ‎away from his obsession. Another feature that I found needed more explanation is ‎why the monster didn't kill Victor from the beginning but killed all his family and ‎why he felt guilty after all the revenge and evil he was feeling when he killed all ‎those people.

Also Mary Shelly didn't inform her readers if Robert Walton ‎learned from Victor's mistake or if he was affected by it. All we know is that he ‎left the decision up to his crew. Robert also didn't comment a lot on Victor's story ‎or gave the readers much feedback not even in his letters to his sister Margaret. I ‎think Shelly left her readers up in the air at the ending of the novel, it is very ‎unsatisfying.‎

If I was Mary Shelly and I needed to create an ending for the novel I would ‎definitely have a confrontation between Victor and the monster. It will start as a ‎verbal...