The response paper on "Advertising and the construction of Violent White Muscularity" of Jason Katz

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The essay of Jackson Katz rise very important problem that society face these days, the introduction of violence into an image of a "real" man presented by media and advertisement.

A reason for normalization of male violence is according to author raising insecurity of a modern man. The author says, "Men across socioeconomic class and race might feel insecure in their masculinity, relatively powerless or vulnerable in the economic sphere, and uncertain about how to respond to the challenges of women in many areas of social relations. But, in general, males continue to have an advantage over the females in the area of physical size and strength", "physical body and its potential for violence provide a concrete means of achieving and asserting "manhood".

I agree with the author that the problem is serious, the aggressive image of a man presented by media promote violence not only among grown men but also among the adolescents who are seeking the tools to help them show in their environment that they are growing up men.

The white man indeed, as the author says lost a lot from his prestige and position in society and family. The other races and women prove to be as good as he is in almost every field of human activity, pushing him off from his prestigious position in workplaces and society. Therefore, what left for him to stress his gender difference is enhancing marginal characteristics as the muscles and the aggressive behavior.

Author shows that there are few ways the modern- violent and masculine image of a white man is introduced in commercials. Katz states that advertisers often use historical settings and icons to show male dominance and power; "this helps to associate the product with manly needs and pursuits that presumably existed from the time immemorial. It...