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Frederick Douglass was an African American born in Maryland. There is no accurate record of his age because he was born into slavery. Most of the babies that where born into slavery where taken away before they reached their first birthday. Their masters did not care what age they were, they were treated as if they were farm animals.

A part of his life that I found inspirational was how his intelligence helped him through the hardships he faced in life. Frederick always wanted to learn about everything. When he was a slave, he would socialize with the white kids of his own age. He wanted to learn to read and write. He would trade them things so that they would teach him. After a while he was smart enough to read by himself, and he loved it. However, his thirst for knowledge didn't stop here. He wanted to learn as much as he possibly could before he died.

Frederick had often thought about killings himself to escape his life of slavery. Then he thought to himself, if he goes through with such a despicable act, he would not be able to learn more. His thirst for knowledge is was kept him alive and made him who he is today.

Fredrick was another extremely brave slave, who struggled through his life and came out on top of it all. It just goes to show how one must work hard and learn, before being granted any success. Frederick Douglass learned and learned, and eventually became a smart man and succeeded. This was all done, despite the restrictions being a slave had on him.