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The film, Citizen Kane, takes the obsession with power to a whole new level. It expands on the positives and negatives that go along with power. The character, Charles Kane, is what most people would consider an extremely wealthy individual to be. His character can be described by the term, 'emotionally distraught'. The power that he gains in the film attracts women and publicity but he drives all of it away by his uncaring personality. This is due to his childhood and how he was cast-off in his youth by his family. Power without a sense of caring for others is useless in life and is portrayed beautifully by the film, Citizen Kane.

Charles Kane uses the power that he acquires to buy love and try to make others happy by using his money. This was not successful as the power that he had was not able to teach him how to care for people properly.

This was eventually his tragic downfall that left him in loneliness and misery. A great example of the previous statement is Charles Kane's purchase of Xanadu, which he bought to satisfy his wife at that point in time. When Charles Kane was on his deathbed, his power was an unconvincing excuse for having real friends and relationships.

The theme that power is nothing without relationships is recurrent throughout the book. This was quite evident when Kane through away the relationship with his first wife and child so easily. Charles Kane tried to be an illusionist but was confounded himself. He did not realize that the people that he associated with did not care for him as a good friend. They used him for his money and when well started to run dry for them, they abandoned him. This was evident...