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Responsibility Paper The Columbine High School shooting is a prime example of evil occurring when good people choose to do nothing. The event shows how the parents were not acting responsibly. Responsibility means moral, legal or mental accountability, reliability and trustworthiness. None of this was shone by the killers parents. During the Holocaust where there was a mass slaughter of European civilians especially Jews by Nazis during World War II. These are examples of how evil occurs when good men do nothing. This is also evident in the Evian Conference, the S.S. St. Louis, and the book Night.

First the Evian Conference. This is a good example of evil occurring when good men choose to do nothing because, before the Evian Conference began the Nazis were killing Jews in mass numbers. Because of all the killing the Jews fled their homes trying to find a safe place.

They traveled to several countries in great numbers in search of a place to hide. The world ambassadors met to decide what to do about the Jews fleeing into there countries. Throughout the whole conference the ambassadors kept giving excuses about why they could not allow more Jews into their countries, but did nothing to help them. Meanwhile, Jews still kept dying. And more Jews kept dying and the other countries still did nothing. Everyone could have done something to help a little to help a little, because they could have let Jews into their countries. They did not let them in because they thought that they had enough immigrants already. This is why the Evian Conference is a good example of evil occurring when good men choose to do nothing.

Then the true story of the S.S. St. Louis the voyage of a German ocean liner, shows how bad things happen to good people when someone does not try to help. The ship carried 1128 people, 937 passengers, most of whom were Jewish refugees that were fleeing the Germans and the war to Havana, Cuba. When they reached Cuba they planned to immigrate over to the United States. But when the Jews arrived in Cuba they were denied entry unless they had $500 to obtain a Cuban visa. About 22 people were able to get off in Cuba. They circled Cuba, and then they tried to get in the United States through the southern tip of Florida. Again they were denied entry. The United States would not let them dock, and the U.S. Coast Guard patrolled the water not allowing anyone to swim to freedom. They were sent back to Europe and dispersed throughout many countries that were later invaded by Germany, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, England, and France. The only people that survived in Europe of the passengers are six non-Jews and a small handful of Jews. All of the rest about 900 people died. So this is showing how bad things happen by the Jews being killed, when good people the Americans and the Cubans, choose to do nothing by denying the Jews entry into Cuba or Florida.

Thirdly the book Night shows some examples of how evil occurs when good men choose to do nothing. Moshe the Beadle was captured by some German guards. He was able to run away from the Guards and the train after he had been taken prisoner, and brought back the stories of the bad things that were happening. Stories such as how the guards made people dig their own graves. They would force the Jews to go stand by them and then they would be shot and fall right in. Everyone laughed at him and thought he was crazy. Then the Germans came and took all of the Jews away to the concentration camp, just as Moshe had predicted. Showing how evil occurs by the Jews being taken to the concentration camps, when good people like the neighbors and other non - Jewish citizens, do not help by not trying to stop them from being taken away and would not help them hide. They could have prevented themselves from being taken away by listening to Moshe the Beadle.

In conclusion in the Evian Conference, the S.S. St. Louis, and the book Night no one showed any responsibility. People did not take action when it needed to be taken. When someone tries to ignore a problem it will not go away. Ignoring is one easy way for evil to occur because great people could be the man or women choosing to do nothing