Responsibility for intentions

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Intentions and Responsibility

We all at sometime or another intend to achieve or do something in our life. Whether or not we achieve what we intend to do is up to us. Whether or not we should feel responsible for what we intend lies on what those intentions are. Both intentions and actions come with responsibility.

If you asked a group of senors in high school what they intend to do after they graduate, the majority of them would most likely say that they intend to go to college. Whether or not they actually do is up to them. Their intentions all depend on if they act upon those intents and fill out applications so that they can get accepted into college. The responsibility for what we intend to do, and achieving what we intended to do lies on the action we put forth. Depending on what's intended, if you put forth no effort to fulfill your intention, there is no responsibility for it because you have yet to accomplished it.

If you take action to do what every it is that you intended to do, you now have the responsibility that comes along with the actions that you took. Intentions are more like ideas or thoughts, that until some action is taken to express those ideas physically or mentally, they have yet to have any impact on the world. For example, I intended to study Spanish yesterday, but due to circumstances and my laziness I never accomplished my goal of studying. Therefore that thought of studying is just floating around until I put forth the effort to get up and away


from the computer ,open my book, and study. It is our responsibility to take actions on our intentions. It is also our responsibility to choose to act...