Who was responsible for the downfall of the first triumvirate.

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Ancient History Assessment Task-

During 70-48 BC in ancient Rome three men compromised to work and help each other, this was known as the first "Triumvirate". These three powerful men worked to further their own careers and those of their counterparts. Although through time we see the disintegration of this powerful triad due to the changing political relationship between Pompey, Caesar and Crassus, as each strived to become more powerful than the others. We will look at the reasons and circumstances that each of these three men played in the downfall of the triumvirate and the way their careers advanced or were halted. We will look at Caesar the popularis, Crassus the spokesperson for the people and lastly Pompey, the great military general.

Due to his alliances with Pompey and Crassus, Caesar received his first consulship in 59 BC. In these early days of the triumvirate the alliance went smoothly, Caesar being in a position of power , used his influence to further his career as well as his counterparts.

Caesar being in power gained the provinces of Gaul,Illyricum and Tranaslpine Gaul for five years. Caesar's use of force during his consulship and his failure to pay any attention to his colleague's legal methods of blocking legislation made his measures technically illegal, His opponents now had a excuse to threaten him with prosecution once he became a private criticism, this made it imperative that Caesar retain the imperium of either a consul or proconsul in the future, which later on is actually used to make him give up power but due to his "dignitas' he doesn't give up. Pompey, during Caesar's consulship, was used to glory, but the loss of popularity with the people and the optimates was humiliating. He was extremely vulnerable to public opinion and therefore...