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Webster?s dictionary defines responsibility as ?The state, quality, or condition of being responsible. What does responsibility mean to you?

Responsibility is one of the most important factors in living a healthy life.

There are many different responsibilities in life. The most significant responsibility is to do something with your life. If you just coast through life without a care it will be entirely your fault when you end up a loser. It is your responsibility to go to school, to make good grades, and make your own life. Your parents will not always be there to back you up and you will sooner or later learn that. Some people learn the hard way and flunk college or run out of money, but some people find out early and learn a good lesson. There is always room for mistakes but only if you learn from them, and do the best you can to fix them.

You must try hard in school or you will never learn your full potential, and end up wondering if you could have done better.

Another responsibility is to your loved ones. You must always be faithful and a loving companion. In any relationship you must forever be there for that person, and if you do not love them anymore it is your sole responsibility to tell them this. If you follow these relationship guidelines then you are sure to succeed, unless it is not meant to be. This is another instance where your parents are very lenient. In your younger years you use the term ?hate? without thinking. But as you get older it means more and more to people you love. That one word can end up breaking hearts and cause much distress in ones life.

Lastly is that of the responsibility to your...