Restorative justice initiative

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Introduction:This proposal is for the purposes of looking at alternatives to court sentencing of youth charged with criminal acts.

I. Shortcomings and deficiencies with the current traditional justice system A.Traditional Justice goals are based on Retributive model as opposed to Restorative 1.Traditional Justice trend to sentencing 2.Traditional Justice lack of Offender accountability 3.Traditional Justice neglect of victims B.Advantages to Restorative Justice Model 1.Makes the offender take more responsibility for their part and helps the offender see the effects of their crimes 2.Provides victim and community with a sense of justice 3.Lowers the cost of incarceration 4.Emphasises that crime is an act of one person on another not just against the State Conclusion:Reasoning why the restorative model should have a more prominent role in the sentencing process.

Page 1 In the opening chapter, there will be mention of a few deficiencies and shortcomings of the current approach to youth sentencing as it pertains to dealing with youth in the Canadian Criminal Justice System.

Currently, the Canadian Youth Criminal Justice Act deals with the sentencing of youth between the ages of twelve to Seventeen years of age. When it comes to dealing with youth being sentenced in the current Youth Criminal Justice Act, despite its advantages over past legislation the Young Offenders Act, has several shortfalls. First shortfall being, sentencing trends, second shortfall being, lack of offender accountability, and the third shortfall being, neglect it has for the offender, victim, and community. So why is the current Youth Criminal Justice Act sentencing procedures failing the offender, failing the victim, and failing the community? These three objectives the writer will intend to answer throughout this proposal.

First, the writer will make mention of the first deficiency, sentencing trends within the Youth Criminal Justice Act. According...