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Variety and the Dining Experience Most everyone, at one time or another, has dined in a restaurant. Whether or not one is on vacation or just dining out locally, there are apparently various forms of dining. Factors such as food, service, and price are important in determining the overall outlook one has about a restaurant's atmosphere.

Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grille® is an affordable restaurant ( averaging seven to twelve dollars for an adult entrée) that centers its theme on Cajun-style cooking. The spicy, hot, peppery shrimp and Bourbon steak specials are very appealing to those who enjoy the spiciness so characteristic of Louisiana cuisine. Service is prompt, friendly, and often with a smile. The dress code is very casual as well. Therefore, people from all walks of life visit Applebee's.

Hamilton's Seafood Restaurant®, located exclusively in Panama City Beach, specializes in catering seafood freshly caught from Florida's panhandle and Gulf Coast waters.

As one walks through the main entrance, the stained hardwood floors and antique memorabilia offer a sense of tradition and appreciation. The smoked-grilled, twenty ounce whole Mahi-mahi is one Hamilton's most popular dishes. The semi-formal establishment is host to those who enjoy dressing up. Yet, there have been some instances where local patrons anchor at the restaurant's dock after a day of fishing to grab dinner in shorts and sandals. Keep in mind though that dinners here are more expensive--ranging from fifteen to twenty-five dollars a plate. In addition the time waiting to be seated may be burdensome, but its seafood specialties are well worth the wait.

World-class restaurants cater specifically to only those individuals who do not see price as an issue. Whitehall Plantation®, located in historic Beaufort, South Carolina, is one of the ritziest, yet conservative places to dine. The restaurant is...