Restrictions On Teen Privileges

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Restrictions on Teen Privileges Teens who are under 18 tend to be excluded from "adult" teens. Smoking cigarettes, gambling, riding in the back of trucks going faster than 15mph, or working more than 18 hours a week at one job are all good examples. Many of these are legitimate, but there are a select few I feel should be revised. The smoking law, for example, is setting teens up for failure. If a teenager is going to smoke, he or she is going to smoke whether he or she is "of age" or not. Having common sense, the law is aware of this, yet they still slam 18 down on society as the legal age. If the law were more effective it wouldn't be as acerbating, but with teens smoking at 12 and 13, they should be more reasonable and give minors that choice at about 16. Another example is only being able to work 18 hours a week.

Even though a permit from the school is required, stating the student is eligible; he or she supposedly can not handle it. There should be more of a choice, in this situation, than getting a second job. Riding in the back of a moving truck, however, is a great law. When summer rolls around some of us might not be too fond of it, but when we put ourselves in the actual position of losing someone in this way, it will be well worth it. I also agree with the gambling law. After 18 it's his or her choice to waste hard-earned money for themselves and their future families, but if he or she decides to go in this lose-lose direction at least the teen has a few extra years before he or she becomes a bankrupt alcoholic. The reasons for these laws are very obvious, but the law should take a look at being fairer to the upcoming adults.