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� �Restructure of Metro Bank�2008��


Case Analysis

Metro Bank is a Large Bank with several hundred branches across the nation. The Board's main goal is to increase the bank's profits, although they are generating healthy profits, they feel they have potential for more if they close down several of their smaller regional branches. Eighteen months ago, Metro Bank's Board appointed David Armstrong as its CEO with the objective to generate more profits for Metro bank, with a four year contract that undertakes to give him a $1 million bonus at the end of his contract if he met their expectations.

David Armstrong, CEO is an extremely successful banker with a fifteen year experience in the banking field. He's a directive leader and always expects things done his way which reduces the number of his fans.

The board informed David of their goal and advised him that unless he came up with a better solution to increase the Banks profits, he would have to go ahead and downsize the banks operation.

David, alone, worked hard to try to come up with an alternative, but after reviewing the numbers he reached the conclusion that he would have to downsize, even completely close down several branches, affecting a total of 70 branches to reach that goal.

The next morning, David called Karen Marshall, Group Operational Manager to a meeting to inform her of his decision to downsize and close some branches. He needs Karen's input on how to inform customers and employees and wants it to be completed within maximum 6 months. Karen's shocked!

Karen Marshall has been with metro bank for seventeen years, she worked her way up to Group Operational Manager. She is admired by everyone due to her extreme involvement with staff and consideration of customers. However, she was...