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In the text virtual reality is a new concept which takes humans into a computer-modelled environment. Unlike canned computer graphics , virtual reality images are generated on the fly based where you look and go. The computer gets the movement information from devices like head mounted displays , data gloves , and exoscelets you can wear .Michael Antonoff has tested the virtual reality machine in Mall of America in Bloomington. The game was called 'Dactyl Nightmare' ,four people could participate and they should wear a HMD for vision and a joystick with two buttons. It cost 5$ for five minutes to play the game. When Michael A. put the helmet on he had a minute to orient himself in cartoonlike world .The resolution was much lover the on the monitors that showed the bystanders what was going on ,in the HMD of each player.

The game started and you should shoot the other players with a gun that was fired by your joystick.

Not only you should kill the other players but you should watch out for a creature that could grab you and kill you. But after ending of the game he did not get isolated from the smell and sound of the bystanders.

Most people believe that HMDs is the minimum of the point entry. The bodysuit fitted virtual reality has not yet left the laboratory , but for now we have gloves fitted spines of fibre with that you can use to pick up objects with , there is only a trouble with the gloves because they loose shape when you use them and with that goes the calibration. The advantage of the data glove is that it is more natural then gripping for a mouse.

One of the first commercialisation's is found it Tokyo...