Retail Drugstore Industry

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Drugstore Industry

Hult International Business School

March 1, 2013

Retail Drugstore Industry

Filbert: Team 1;

Cristina Biagioni

Simon Bilzhause

Welly Chandra

Ray Chou

Shabreen Khan

Nemanja Stoilkovic

Executive Summary: Retail Drugstore Industry

The retail drugstore industry has become more and more crucial in everyday life. It can be seen by the top 3 drugstore players in the U.S. market; Walgreens (WAG), CVS, and Rite Aids. Its main mission & vision is to help the people to improve their health. This industry has been growing significantly in last few decades. Moreover, many products and services are offered to satisfy the consumer needs.

Business Products or Service

The drugstore industry develops produces and sells drugs, licensed and generic medicine. Nowadays the retail drugstore industry not only sells prescription medicine but also sells everyday usage essentials in order to satisfy customers' needs and offer a more complete service.

The Market

The market for drugstore companies is very broad since people from all ages get sick and in order to get better need to take medications.

Also, elderly people are found commonly in the stores since they go there in order to get their supplements. By selling different products like cosmetics, hair products, cleaning products, and even food; retail drugstores were able to expand their target market creating a more broad market.


In United States there are three main competitors in the drugstore industry. Even though the competition is really tight, everyone possesses different competitive advantage that has allowed them to continue in the market. An example of this is the drive thru service that Walgreens offers or the UPromise program offered by CVS in order to promote drugstore professionals.

Performance To analyze the performance and the potential risk of the companies, we examined the financial ratios for each...