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SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHSi.Retailer enjoys excellent brand awareness across India.

ii.The products available at Retailer adhere to international standards of quality.

iii. Retailer Ltd has remarkable marketing reach in all cities where their stores are located.

iv.Retailer is able to provide a huge variety of different brands to its customers both in terms of length & breadth.

WEAKNESSESi.For the Indian market Retailer Ltd products are priced on higher end. Hence the company is not able to exploit the potential of large Indian middle class.

ii.The company does not promote its products aggressively. The focus of the company is only limited to the propaganda of the name of Retailer while the various brands available at the stores are not mentioned.

iii. The company is not willing to be flexible in its customer policies, regarding its usage of gift vouchers which are the main source of business to the companyOPPORTUNITIESi.

The growth in the buying power of Indian consumers.

ii.Acceptance of Shopping Malls by the Indian consumersiii.The increasing awareness of Indian population to personal care and modern lifestyles.

iv.Liberalization of the Indian economy and the shift by Indian consumers towards Foreign brandsTHREATSi.Threat from unorganized section of the retailing market.

ii.The growth of competition in the Retail Industry.

iii.Entry of leading players like Wal-Mart, Reliance etc into the industry.

iv.Positioning of Retailer as a store which has a product line up which are priced at a higher end.

ORGANIZATIONAL RESEARCHBackground of the ResearchThough Retailer Ltd is a leading retailer in the Indian retailing scenario with around 3500 potential customers entering the store on an average, the number of customers that actually buy in the store are only 11%. That means that for every 100 customers who actually enter the store only 11 customers...