Retention Strategies And Oracle

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RETENTION STRATEGIES AND ORACLE Oracle Corporations retention technique revolves itself around early signs of detection of employee leave. They hold workshops and manager meetings often to see the ?warning signs? of employee retention. They also look at why employees stay, by interviewing as well as holding periodical meetings. The company implemented the program, ?Retaining Top Talent?, in 1998 and has since been using the method of employee loss detection. The course revolves itself on an ?action? plan that watches employees in their individual environment and bases each on why they would want to leave and why they would want to stay inquiries. Within the workshop the managers look at their top employees and analyze why they would have reason to leave by looking at such items as pay, benefits, job position, working conditions, and other elements that would cause for their absence from the company. They look at these factors and from there analyze how they can avoid their leave and change the factors that could be a potential threat to their role as an employee at Oracle.

The workshops have had great success and allowed Oracles retention to go down considerably since 1998. Those who have attended the meetings have also added that they have an increased amount of knowledge of retention and what may or may not cause it. The attendees include a variety of upper level positions and managers. They have stated that about 47% more knowledge has been attributed about strategies and such, and this has allowed the company as a whole to benefit.

I would, as a manger, highly support this sort of workshop, for the best way to see retention and slow its actions is to be prepared and see what it is that causes employees to leave in the first place.