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The Influence of Mental Health on Weight and Eating Disorders

Bruna L.Lopes

Miami Dade College



Mental health influences eating disorders. Now days the paradigms of the "perfect body" is affecting a lot in woman's life. Body imagine is affecting adolescents and young adults. Girls are starving themselves or provoking vomit to be skinny. Anorexia and Bulimia are two of the most common eating disorders. This disorders became very common in a world that believes that be thin is be happy.

In the 20th century body image is what drives people to achieve the "perfect body." Now days the fashion industry and the paradigm of the perfect body influence adolescents and young adults. Psychological factors often influence eating habits. Eating disorder is a serious thing that needs to me treated and monitored.

The mental health influences a lot in Eating disorders. People over eat when they are bored, anxious or depressed.

But, many people stop eat because feel helplessness and hopelessness about all the effort they put to lose weight. Psychological factors affect a lot in the way we view ourselves.

Social factors may contribute to eating disorders include, paradigms od beauty, the perfect stereotypes, cultures that glorify thinness and cultures that judge people based on external physical appearance. Mental health professionals noticed that temperamental tendencies like perfectionism and impulsivity are predispose to eating disorders (Wexler, 2012)

People are preoccupied with body image. They are constantly bombarded with images of the paradigm of beauty. Images in magazines, billboards, television and Internet imply that to be happy you need to be thin and beautiful. Fakes images and unrealistic models motivate people. Statistics show only 2 percent of women are thin as most models (Kowalski,2005).

According to the NIMH, dieting can be really danger and be the next step for anorexia...