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A big man with a long coat. Turning around too. Hair short on top; scratchy like bear fuzz. On his face also there was hair. Scraggly. And sort of gray. I was asleep when I saw him and crying. His glasses made me cry. They were thick and dark red. Blood color. He looked so sad. He looked at someone behind him but I couldn't see them. His face was stretched like when a balloon has popped and you stretch it over your fingers. And his teeth were even sad. Not very white also. I looked but when my eyes were open he was not there either. Neither was the grass he was standing on or the person there he was looking at who was not there. So I closed again my eyes and still nothing just dark and some lights. This scared me more because he was there and then not there.

Later I saw him with my eyes open and didn't were he went. I maybe asked him but he just stayed and looked with his balloonface. Afraid I did not cry though. Just afraid. Just that. Then a old lady with a face more wrinkled was all of a sudden there. And then it was someone who he was looking at: it was the old lady. I hadn't seen her before. Maybe she was hiding under the grass but she was there now. Suddenly her scared me more than the first. I cried and cried. I thought they are trying to scare me for looking at them. But the old lady was holding a long gun like an army has. And she was pointing into the fog with a red light on the gun, shaking around because her hands were cold and she was just an old lady and that's what old ladies do. Crying still but I asked her what she was pointing at with the gun. Nothing she said just pointing. All of a sudden I turned around then the man said there is someone in those trees who we are trying to find and we have to find him because he is a dangerous man. He has escaped he said. He has escaped from somewhere were we are not supposed to let people escape from. Where has there that you aren't allowed to escape away from I asked him. But he just pointed and said there thatway is where. He put his finger in the air in a place I couldn't tell was up or down or even to the side. His finger then fell down to his lap because he was sitting now on the ground with a stick. Drawing a map in the mud. Drawing in the fog there. Just drawing.