Returning Veterans

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1: Background of Returning Soldiers

A. Veteran; a person who has served in military force, especially one who has fought in a war.

B. In order to fully understand the issue of Returning Veterans, we will find the who; race, gender, age, the mental, physical and social causes and effects, and the treatment and prevention programs to help returning vets return to civilian life.

C. After Vietnam in the 1970's, soldiers were left homeless, jobless, beaten and battered by the deathly grips of war.

D. Spouses, children, parents, friends, employers, tax payers.



How big is the issue?

- National

Veterans represent 200,000 or one fourth of all homeless people.

2.5 million Service members have been to wars, and returned, since 2001.

700,000 veterans currently have a recognized disability.

8.2 million Veterans currently have a recognized disability.

50% of those with PTSD don't seek treatment


NYS spends $2,833,048,000 on veteran medical.

NYS spends $5,621,911,000 total on expenditures which include compensation and pensions, construction, education and vocational rehab, and insurance


Veterans 2008-2012 > 9,280

Males- 92.5% Females-7.5%

18-34yrs-8.8% 35-54yrs-29.7% 55-64yrs-26.3%

65-74yrs-15.6% 75+ 19.7%

White- 62.5% Black-33.1% Native American - .3%

Asian- .4% Other-2.2% Hispanic- 6%

Medium income for 18yrs + $23,687 Males: 23,575 Females: $26,111

Less than HS grad 14.7% HS grad 27.9% Some College 37.3%

Bachelor's degree 20.1%

B. Breakdown and Demographics

Age: Ages 18 and up, 44.2% are older than 65 years old. Less than 1.1 percent of veterans are under the age of 25 or younger.

Race: 85% of veterans are white, 9% are black, .3% are Asian, and 4.5% are Spanish or Latino.

Socio-Economics: 17.4% of veteran's families income is under $20,000 and 34.7% income in over $50,000

Gender: Women make up 20% of...