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I was never one to question. For when one slips unknowingly into the treacherous abyss of routine the need to question is simply drowned out by the banality of what is considered by many to be Life. An inescapable foundation is built up underneath your soul, becoming the dominating force dictating your actions to serve the greater need of further expansion. To fall into this state of mind is tantamount to a certain loss of self. I say this not from mere observation but from experience, for the past fifteen years of my life I was nothing but a miniscule component of a machine, more or less insignificant, yet believing wholeheartedly that I was crucial, needed, that in my absence all would fail. A mere ant determined beyond all else to serve my queen, the corporation, oblivious to even the slightest alternative, fully blind to this greater absence of reason.

The purest form of self is attainable only through acknowledgement that we are all meagre products of our perception. With this in mind one can see that first-rate stimulation of perception is attained through steady usage of our ability to question, for to question is to solidly affirm your own presence amid a given situation without the assumption that all information obtained, while unquestioned, is accurate.

So now I shall assert myself.

I shall question.

I shall ask why.

I shall find and impose a solid reason over my existing world, with myself as key conspirer. I am my own being and to that I shall remain true. No longer will my everyday actions be plotted out for me by the unseen forces of the mundane. And to take that first leap into the uncharted territory that is my future I am going to, once...