Revenge of Shakespeare

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it's life-it happens at least once in yourlife time, whether you want it to or not. It may only be something you wont have to worry much about, like getting into an argument with a close friend over a guy; ending with a huge grudge that you've got to get back at them somehow. It may even become a very big thing; such as in the play Hamlet, trying to obtain revenge of a family member due to a murder of your father.

Revenget tragedy or revenge play is an extremely popular in Elizabthan and Jaconbean eras. Willian Shakespeare had used revenge tragedy in the production known as the greatest play written by Shakespeare, Hamlet. Shakespeare; a figure of the english renaissance had wrote Hamlet in 1602, July 26th. Hamlet was preformed for the first time in 1603 at two different universities, Cambridge and Oxford. Hamlet was one of many plays by Shakespeare that fir into the revenge category; is notable for the way in which it complicates the themes and deepens the psychology of it's models.