Reverend Brown: Inherit The Wind

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Reverend Jeremiah Brown Mr. Brown is the local reverend at a little town called Dayton Tennessee. He plays the reverend and tries to help people with religion, everyone in the small-town looks up to him. But one day a man challenged to prove that he was wrong, to prove that reverend Brown that the bible is not right, that it is a hoax, that the bible is incorrect and Darwin's theory is right.

I feel that reverend Brown is a very religious man and takes his job too seriously, for example in page 25 reverend Brown says to the townsfolk about Drummond. " I can still see him. A slouching hulk of a man, whose head juts out like an animal's, you look into his face, and you wonder why God made such a man. and then you know God didn't make him, that he is a creature of the Devil, perhaps even the devil himself!" because the townsfolk were religious, the reverend easily persuaded the people that Drummond was bad.

In page 24 reverend Brown persuaded the people that he was a menace to all of society "I saw Drummond once. In a courtroom in Ohio. A man was on trial for a most brutal crime. Although he knew-and admitted- the man was guilty, Drummond was perverting the evidence to cast the guilt away from the accused and onto you and me and all of society." Some of the character like Drummond, the accused Devil is one of the few who had effect on reverend Brown. Drummond was just some reporter and was accused of being the devil.

The other characters affected the most is the townsfolk, they always believe in whatever the reverend says.

Reverend Brown is practically the main character in the book, he is the one who is starting all this stuff trying to test his religious belief. Actually the case is about evolution against creation.

He has a big impact on the story, he is the story, without him there would be no story, and he impacts the people too, see all the people that is listening to the trial for example he can change other peoples beliefs just by speaking and that has a lot of impact on a lot of people