Reverse Racism: A modern problem in Toronto

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Due to provable occurances of reverse racism, the government should rethink the anti-racism laws.

Reverse racism is racism on white people through previous racism or white people being stricter on themselves, and less strict (to the extent where it is almost like ignoring the laws) on black people out of fear of being called a racist. Reverse racism is more of a problem than racism because laws actively discriminate against racism but pay no heed to reverse racism. For instance, the United States is the most obsessed about racism. However, in Cleveland, every year on May 1st, at a school in Cleveland students black students are allowed to beat white students, and one student suffered a personal trauma, and had to be transferred to another school. It's shocking, it's a terrible act of hate. And it appeared in a Cleveland newspaper, "The Cleveland Plain Dealer" on October 30 of the same year.

It appeared about 150 days after the incident, on a back page, and nothing happened. The media didn't care, nobody was punished. Nothing. It's almost as if the anti-racism laws are used as a pathogen of reverse racism.

Here is a closer-to-home example. According to a Torontonian middle school teacher, reverse racism is a big problem at the school. Not from the students, but rather from the staff. One day two black students were in a fight, and in the end one student had a broken nose and the other broken teeth. The teacher walked into the principal's office and argued with her for twenty minutes to suspend them. In the end the students' parents were called, and they were not suspended.

A couple of weeks later, two white students were arguing about a play, they were playing soccer, and one of them got angry and kicked...