Reverse Speech

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"Imagine being able to hear the voice of your spirit speaking to you in audible terms. What if you could have 2 way dialogues with your inner self? Ask questions and get answers. Sound impossible? Maybe not. This is the incredible possibility offered by the new and emerging field of Reverse Speech. This new theory claims that language is bi-level, that hidden within the sounds of our speech there is another communication transpiring at the same time. This communication occurs backwards and is the voice of the unconscious mind," David John Oates. He claims that everyone has hidden messages in what they say and you can have your voice is recorded and analyzed to find the reverse messages.

In this website,, D. Oates has different ideas about this theory. He gives examples of what it is, examples, media comments, training courses and business opportunities. On one of his experiments with children and reverse speech, I noticed there was only one and it was done with his own children.

In order to have a good experiment, you need to do several of them to have a good explanation about it. One experiment isn't enough. He may have spoke with other people about reverse speech but there aren't any other people that he mentions who may be researching this either. In his website, he does not offer any special backgrounds, training or schooling he might have.

In my opinion, D.Oates in just trying to convince people there is such a thing and is trying to make a profit by "analyzing" people. If there was a foundation that supported this it might be more convincing. I searched for related websites and they all directed me back to his. One I found was . This gave credit to only...