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it is a review of an article but still awsome teacher loved it and gave me extra credit

A.P. Bio Article Review


Jama, Studies of Sleep in Strange Places May Benefit People with Common Ills, American Medical Association, Chicago IL, August 28, 1996 Vol. 276 No. 8, pg.'s 587-589

Article Review:

This article is about a broad study about the sleeping patterns and needs of humans. It focuses on seven astronauts in space, a time isolation laboratory in the sea, and six thousand American's in their homes. All three of these studies are being done to help determine several things. What would the long term effects of long term space travel or life in space be on a humans? How are submariners affected by lack of non-artificial light for long periods of time as it pertains to sleep? What common health concerns can be addressed when we know more about the sleeping habits and needs of humans.

If man was to go to Mars and the U.S. was the first country to go there then it would be extremely important to know if humans could handle such a long period of time isolated in a small and cramped shuttle with completely different biological standards then those of Earth's. This study focuses on how their sleep would be affected. Seven astronauts spent more time then any other American aboard the shuttle Columbia and studied in two, seventy two hour blocks, how their sleep was affected. Most suffered from less and more sparatic sleep but the results are still promising, the tests showed compared to estimates the astronauts did quite well and further tests will be conducted in the future.

Due to the effects of unusual sleep/wake times as well as lack of daylight aboard submarines twenty submariners,