The review of 'Boy Gets Girl' a play questioning malle and female perceptions of one another.

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'Boy Gets Girl'

Rebecca Gilman wrote 'Boy Gets Girl' that is a play about our culture's views and values of women in our society today. The play is a sarcastic comedy that touches a serious subject which is men and women's views. The sarcastic comedy in the play is obvious. One comment by Tony was, "Yeah, who would go with a guy who drives a van?" Van was the operative word that was sarcastic, meaning the girl could go home with anyone else. Another sarcastic comment throughout the play was during an interview with a pornographic movie producer who commented, "I look just for big boobs and a tight ass!" This comment is a sarcastic and forward, yet is very typical thinking of not just men but women too. From birth most men in our American society are shown what beauty is and the play depicts the picture well.

Many women also are growing up having parallel beliefs of beauty. In our society, the one object that sells best and people use it to advertise with is sex. Nothing sells better these days than tall, beautiful, skinny women on television, magazines or any other advertisements. We male Americans value these things in women and women even value it in themselves, but there are some things women do not value. This is a major part of the play and it is harassment. Theresa, the character who is a victim and most people empathize with, is harassed horribly. She receives phone calls and messages that are threatening, chilling and odd. However, one must not overlook these calls because they happen and can turn horrible. The setting takes place in a large city and my sister, who is a very beautiful girl that I have worried about since she...