Review of The Curious Incident of The dog

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The Review Of The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time

It is worth mentioning that I finished reading this book in two days after several days when I got this book. Personally speaking, this book is much better than the books we read before, including Staying Together, Two Lives and so on. Moreover, I really like this book, which contains the novelty, unique and a conflict between the little pure mind and the big complicated world.

To beginning with, this book is the most unique book that I have ever read. Basically, I will talk about three aspects as the hero Christopher, the way of telling story and the contents.

According to the book, we can easily discover that Christopher is an autistic person who lacks of social ability but is talented in math, physics and memorizing. Although Christopher does not mention autism by name anywhere in the novel, we see that he recognizes the ways he differs from most people and feels keenly aware of these differences.

He says, for instance, that although most people enjoy chatting, he hates it because he finds it pointless. He doesn't see social interaction as an end in itself, thus talking to another person about an unimportant topic serves no purpose. He lives as an outsider as a result. He has very few friends and doesn't trust other people. He feels content to read in his room by himself, and he even fantasizes about being the only person alive on the planet.

I did not meet any person who has autism. I did not read any books about autism. In short, the hero that the author described has made a deep impression of my mind.

This telling-story's style is also pretty innovative as Christopher narrated in the...